Jess Jarmo

Career Game Plan

ADHD / Dyslexia Career / Life Coach Specializing in helping parents support their college students and graduates. "Excelling Years ahead of their peers." 

Jess Jarmo - Career Coach

About JJ

I grew up mostly in Massachusetts. I lived in New Hampshire for a few years, as well. I can't remember a time I didn't know I was dyslexic. Dyslexia, anxiety, and ADHD run in my family. I understand the shame and pain of being in a non-dyslexic world. 

Despite educators and a number of any-sayers telling me I wouldn’t make it through college, I graduated with my undergrad in Early Childhood Education. I changed careers in my 20s to recruitment and obtained my MBA in Human Resources. I have experienced the gamut of highs and lows in my career with dyslexia and made it out with a handbook that I wish I’d had when I was launching my professional life. You will learn vicariously from my mistakes and successes, saving yourself time and money to achieve the successes directly instead of through the circuitous route I experienced. You’ll also save yourself from the anxiety and shame of set-backs I’ve endured, some of which can derail progress for years. 

I’ve experienced self-sabotage due to feelings of not being good enough and I was fortunate to have been able to lean on my mentor and family who helped me gain confidence.

None of us fulfills our greatest potential on our own. Mentorship is an invaluable ally, guide, and helper on the Hero’s Journey of life and work.

I experienced foreclosure after the 2008 crash. After the loss of my home, I built myself back up personally and professionally - faster, wiser, and in a soul-alignment way

I have used these ”fails” as a learning tool to help my clients learn from my mistakes.  

I have succeeded in earning a 6-figure income and in having a family with three beautiful and smart kids - two kids with dyslexia, three with ADHD, and one with anxiety. I understand wanting the best for my children, as well as wanting to take the pain away. I've found education, confidence, emotional intelligence, love, and self-worth serve as the key to a bright future. I have a HR Generalist and diversity and inclusion certification, as well, and have always been a champion for the underdog - and for the great gifts that at-risk children and adults can bring to the world with the proper guidance and support to give them the opportunities to thrive.

I have guided candidates successfully through transforming their careers and amplifying their passion. My unique ability is to help uncover career blind spots and guide my clients to their unique genius zone.