4 Tips for Exiting the Shame Roller Coaster 

As a college parent, you may have a college senior with Dyslexia, Anxiety or ADHD who is worried about finding a job after graduation. They may feel ashamed of their learning difference and fear that it will impact their job prospects. As their parent, it's essential to support and encourage them through this challenging time. Here are four facts on exiting the Shame Roller Coaster.

Change Your Mindset: Your senior may feel overwhelmed and anxious about finding a job due to their learning difference. Encourage them to change their mindset from focusing on getting a job to interviewing companies to see if they're a good fit. Instead of viewing their learning difference as a weakness, help them reframe it as a strength. Employers value diversity, and a learning difference can bring unique skills and perspectives to the workplace.

Seek Support: Your college senior can benefit from seeking support from a career coach, counselor, or mentor who can guide them through the job search process. These professionals can provide helpful tips on how to present their learning difference in a positive light and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they can help your senior develop coping strategies and accommodations that can help them thrive in the workplace.

Be Yourself: Encourage your college senior to embrace who they are and love themselves, including their learning difference. Knowing who they are and what they want can give them the confidence to pursue their career goals. Educating themselves on their learning difference can help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage them in the workplace. It's essential to remind them that they are worthy and that their learning difference does not define them.

Building Positive Relationships: In their 20s, your college senior is building relationships that will impact their future. Encourage them to connect with people who encourage and build them up. Let go of those who bring them down and impact their self-esteem. Surrounding themselves with positive influences can help them maintain a positive mindset and feel supported in their job search.

In summary, it's understandable for college seniors with learning differences to feel anxious and ashamed about finding a job after graduation. As their parent, you can provide the essential support and encouragement they need to break free from the Shame Roller Coaster. By changing their mindset, seeking support, being themselves, and building positive relationships, your college senior can gain the confidence and empowerment they need to succeed in their job search. With the help of outside professionals and your unwavering support, your college senior can overcome their shame and find their place in the workplace. Remember, it truly takes a village to help your college senior achieve their career goals, and your role as a parent is crucial in their success.